Wuling Ready for Electric Car Production in Indonesia

Wuling Ready for Electric Car Production in Indonesia – Wuling Motors has introduced its tiny electric car in Indonesia. The Wuling company will soon distribute electric cars to the Indonesian market. They call it the Wuling EV electric car. The Wuling company will produce and sell this environmentally friendly vehicle from China in the near future.

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This car has a capacity of four people and is likely to be the smallest electric car in Indonesia. The outer appearance of the Wuling EV carries a futuristic concept. On the face, there is an Extended Horizon LED Daytime Running Light. Wuling also combines it with chrome strips and black trim and LED DRL. Wuling EV uses dark film glass and the door cannot be opened so the interior cannot be monitored directly. In addition, there is no data regarding the technical electricity.

Wuling Ready for Electric Car
Wuling EV. Image source: wuling.id

Dian Asmahani explained that his party was making preparations to produce Wuling EV in Indonesia. He is the Brand and Marketing Director of Wuling Motors. Because of the needs of the G20 Summit (Summit) event, as many as 300 units of Wuling electric cars have also been made domestically. Of course, Wuling companies in Indonesia will make the best possible preparations.

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“The G20 is still in November 2022, what is clear is that the G20 will be produced in Indonesia. We will prepare for its production,” explained Dian in Liputan 6 some time ago.

Wuling Ready for Electric Car Production in Indonesia

Meanwhile, for the High-Level Conference (KTT) the G20 will use 300 Wuling EV units to become operational vehicles. The brand from China emphasized that this step is a positive thing because it can participate in international events. “Later, what is used for the G20 has the status of made in Indonesia. Then, after being used in the G20, it is still being discussed internally, for what other needs,” added Dian.

Wuling Ready for Electric Car
Wuling Ready for Electric Car. Image source: otomotif.bisnis

Dian still does not want to mention in detail the production time of this Wuling electric car. Likewise with the local components in it, related to batteries, electric motors, and other devices. For now, Wuling Indonesia is only providing general information. For further information, Wuling Indonesia will submit it at a later time. “We will inform you at the launch, including the manufacturing process,” he concluded.

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However, Wuling Motors gave a little leak about the mileage of this electric car. The Wuling company offers consumers quite a long distance. This is to make it easier for drivers to reach their destination.

“The mileage that will be offered by Wuling EV, which we will market in Indonesia, starts from 200 to 300 kilometers,” said Wuling Motors Product Planning, Danang Wiratmoko, on the sidelines of the Wuling EV pre-launch.

Danang continued, that this mileage is the furthest distance that the GSEV Platform offers. The GSEV platform offers a battery range of 120 to 300 km. “We developed the battery part in a modular manner. So, when we need it big, we can add it and it can also be reduced according to need,” he concluded.