Toyota Fortuner Hybrid Launches Next Year

Toyota Fortuner Hybrid Launches Next Year – Toyota is rumored to be launching the Toyota Fortuner SUV with hybrid technology next year. Uniquely, the Fortuner will carry a diesel engine with an electric motor blend. The news came from media from Thailand, Headlightmag. They report that the Toyota Fortuner will carry a diesel engine with mild-hybrid technology.

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Toyota Fortuner Hybrid Launches Next Year

Headlightmag sources revealed, Toyota will build the All New Toyota Fortuner (third generation) based on the TNGA-F platform with a mild-hybrid diesel engine. Reportedly, the Fortuner hybrid car will slide next year.

Toyota Fortuner Hybrid
Fortuner hybrid. Image source: headlightmag

According to the leak, the Fortuner hybrid will use a 1GD 4 cylinder DOHC 16 valve 2,800 cc diesel engine with the same turbo as the current Fortuner 2.8. The difference is, the latest Fortuner will have a mild-hybrid system that uses an alternator.

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The mild hybrid system on the latest Fortuner will make fuel consumption more efficient. The engine will stop when the car stops. This system also reduces pollution during acceleration and the AC also uses battery power. Toyota claims that the mild-hybrid system also increases torque at low rpm.

The Fortuner Hybrid’s launch schedule is in 2023. Many hope that this Fortuner Hybrid will be cheaper than the current Fortuner Legender in order to remain competitive in the market.

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Meanwhile, in Indonesia, PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) is also preparing to enter the era of electrification. PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) has prepared a special line for the production of hybrid cars. The preparations are okay, just waiting for the launch of a hybrid car made in Karawang which is planned to start in 2022.

The Toyota factory in Karawang already has a special branch line or subline for hybrid cars. The changes are not many, it is still integrated with the mainline with existing products in Indonesia.

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