Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid Challenges Toyota Hybrid

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid Challenges Toyota Hybrid – The electric and hybrid car market in Indonesia is getting busier. Reportedly, the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid will appear in Indonesia. Indeed, the Ertiga is in the low MPV category, competing with the car nicknamed a million people, the Toyota Avanza. Corporate Affairs External Director of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN), Bob Azzam, responded that each manufacturer has its own strategy to attract Indonesian consumers.

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Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid Challenges Toyota Hybrid

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid Challenges Toyota Hybrid
Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid Challenges Toyota Hybrid. Image Source: OLX News

I launched from oto.detik, that Bob said that each has its own strategy. There are those who want to play at the premium level, please, there are those in the middle, there are those at the middle to low levels. Please. That’s what he said in Semarang, Central Java, Wednesday (25/5/2022).

However, Bob invited automotive principals to forget about competition for a moment. He asked how to meet the demand for these electrified vehicles. No less important, namely the supply chain to financing matters.

The electrification segment is still too small for competition. So we have to work together, collaborate, build an ecosystem. The insurance and financing are also unique, so we have a lot to do together. Information that Bob conveys to complete.

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In the seminar “100 Years of Indonesia Automotive Industry, Realizing Indonesia Net-Zero Emission” in the Prof. building. Soedarto, Semarang, Central Java, last Tuesday (25/5). Bob told of Toyota’s collaboration with other brands regarding electrified vehicles.

“For example, we collaborate in Portugal to manufacture electric buses with the Scania brand. Here, Toyota contributes to providing fuel cells. This is a different brand collaboration,” said Bob.

Toyota has also opened up opportunities for other manufacturers to use hybrid technology patents. “And Toyota has given hybrid to anyone who will use it,” he said.

In Indonesia, what is far more important is preparing human resources. This includes setting up supporting industries. Toyota responded that it was possible to present the Avanza hybrid.

“We expect (to be able to produce hybrid LMPV), only that the value chain must be prepared, especially if the volume is large. Especially if the electrification of semiconductor components is more. If we remove it, suddenly there is a supply. Don’t let a bottle neck happen, moreover, the electronic semiconductors are heavier,” said Bob.

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It is very interesting to see the change from ICE vehicles to the era of electrification in Indonesia. Although it will not be as fast as in developed countries, the stretch for the electric and hybrid car market in Indonesia is quite good. With the improvement of infrastructure in Indonesia, of course, the ease of battery charging problems that have been a concern will become smaller. And of course in the end we will all receive full electrification in the future.