4 Tips for Caring for Hybrid Cars

4 Tips for Caring for Hybrid Cars – Some people think that maintaining a hybrid car will be more difficult than maintaining a gasoline car. However, hybrid car maintenance is not as difficult as imagined. For maintenance, caring for a hybrid car is the same as caring for a gasoline car. However, there are some differences in caring for a hybrid car. Here are tips for caring for a hybrid car engine to make it more durable.

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4 Tips for Caring for Hybrid Cars
How to Maintaining a Hybrid Car – How to Maintaining a Hybrid Car.

But before that, let’s first get to know what a hybrid car is. This will make it easier for us to understand how to care for a hybrid car.

What is a Hybrid Car?

Hybrid cars have two driving engines in them, namely using an electric motor and also a conventional gasoline engine. Of course, the use of these two things is able to produce very high fuel efficiency.

No wonder many car manufacturers are competing to launch the best hybrid cars. In running a car, the two propulsion engines run alternately in certain situations.

For example, if you drive a car in slow motion, a hybrid car will use an electric motor as its driving force. When the battery is used up, the system will convert it automatically into a gasoline engine.

4 Tips for Caring for Hybrid Cars
The engine on a hybrid car looks more complicated because there are electric motor components and several others.

So a hybrid engine is a car engine that uses two propulsion forces. where there are two hybrid vehicle resources.

The first is a gasoline engine and the second is an electric motor, both of which are power sources capable of bringing a much higher level of efficiency to its users.

4 Tips for Caring for Hybrid Cars

There are at least four main things you should do in caring for a hybrid car. Here are 4 main tips in caring for a hybrid car.

Checking the Battery Fan Filter Cooler

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Hybrid car owners need to check the fan filter cooler for the battery. The battery in a hybrid car is usually located under the seat. Take out the fan first and then clean and check. For the fan filter itself, checking is done every 6 months, or every 10,000km. The replacement of this component is also relatively long, namely per 80,000km. For the price itself, the fan filter is relatively cheap, which is IDR 60,000.

Performing a Battery Check

The battery is one of the most important components in a hybrid car. Always check the battery on the hybrid car once a month, and clean the corrosion on the terminals. If any battery components are damaged or interfere with safety, replace them immediately so that the car components continue to work optimally.

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Avoid Washing the Machine Carelessly

The thing to consider when washing a hybrid car is the engine. It is recommended to be careful when washing the hybrid car engine so that the components are not damaged. Washing hybrid machines carelessly will have an impact on damage to components in the machine. Hybrid car owners are advised to clean the engine by wiping only. In addition, car owners are also advised not to wash the underside to avoid damage to components that will cause battery problems.

Check Hybrid Vehicle Components

Hybrid car components are almost the same as gasoline engine cars. Do checks on the engine, chassis, and electrical. For hybrid cars, car owners need to check the filter and coolant per 40,000 km. Car owners also need to check the inverter regularly. This inverter serves to convert battery power into propulsion.