Cheap Nissan Electric Car 200 million Enters Indonesia

Cheap Nissan Electric Car 200 million Enters Indonesia – Nissan has just launched an electric car at a fairly affordable price in Japan. The electric car from Nissan has the name Nissan Sakura. The good news is that this 200 million Nissan electric car will most likely enter the Indonesian market. This means that it is equivalent to LCGC cars with internal combustion engines that are already on the Indonesian market today.

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Nissan Sakura is a ‘kei car’ or a small electric-powered car. The company made this car for the purpose of the Japanese market. This electric car can carry up to 4 passengers or what we call a 4-seater. This ‘Kei Car’ uses technology derived from the Nissan Leaf. Nissan sells this electric car in Japan with prices starting at 1.78 million yen, equivalent to IDR 204 million.

But that price if you get an environmentally friendly vehicle subsidy of 550,000 yen. This value, if we convert it into rupiah, is IDR 63 million.

Cheap Nissan Electric Car 200 million Enters Indonesia

Cheap Nissan Electric Car
Nissan Sakura. Image source: global.nissannews

This Japanese company sells 3 types of Sakura electric cars. The three types of Nissan Sakura include S, X, and G. The lister cars have a retail price of around 2,333,100 yen or equivalent to IDR 267 million. Meanwhile, the highest variant has a price of around 2,940,300 yen, or the equivalent of IDR 337 million.

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Director of Sales and Marketing, PT Nissan Motor Distributor Indonesia (NMDI), Tan Kim Piauw, gave a signal that the car will enter the Indonesian market. Tan hopes to sell a lot of electric cars in Indonesia. One of the reasons is because of Nissan’s well-known branding in Indonesia, especially its electric vehicles.

Cheap Nissan Electric Car
Nissan Leaf vs Sakura.

“That’s one of our hopes, hopefully (it can be realized). Because Nissan Indonesia also supports the government towards electrification,” Tan told reporters in Jakarta. “So as I said, in the future, we will bring more electric cars with (various) technology, (both) e-power, as well as battery technology such as (Nissan) Leaf, well one of them is very possible too (Nissan) Sakura ( we bring it to Indonesia) yes. But of course, it will take time, because they have just launched in Japan, yes. We are still talking to them, “said Tan. These statements, I quote from oto.detik.

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As additional information, the Nissan Sakura carries an electric motor that can produce 47 kW of power and 195 Nm of torque. Sakura is able to accelerate quickly and is stable in its use. In building the Nissan Sakura, Nissan used the technology they have used in the development of the Nissan Leaf over the last decade.

That way, sakura has a good level of cabin silence. Nissan conducted a test on the sakura with the results that the sakura had a mileage of up to 180 km. This electric car can adapt to road conditions because it has 3 driving modes, namely Eco, Standard, and Sport. With the e-Pedal, the rider can accelerate and decelerate just by stepping on and releasing the pedal.