All New Honda Accord

Honda has several sedans that are quite varied. In 2022, Honda is relaunching the All New Honda Accord. This car is a sedan type car in the middle class.
Of the several sedan-type cars, the Honda Accord is the car that attracts attention. In fact, the Honda Accord is a sedan type car that is popular in the American market.

All New Honda Accord

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Interior of Honda Accord

Furthermore, the interior or interior design of the Honda Accord is almost the same as other luxury sedans.

However, this luxury sedan from Honda provides maximum comfort.

In the interior aspect, the specification of the Honda Accord which has a capacity of accommodating 5 passengers per seat uses premium leather material which is very soft and comfortable on the skin.

So that it will make passengers feel at home for long in this sedan even for long trips. Each seat also has a seat belt that can ensure safety from the risk of accidents that can occur at any time.

Design Interior Honda Accord

In the front cabin, the Honda Accord has a sophisticated dashboard design and is equipped with various high-tech features that make it easier and safer for the driver to control this Honda Accord.

Meanwhile, to provide comfort to all passengers, this car provides i-Dual Auto AC and Rear AC Ventilation which will regulate the temperature in the cabin independently.

Automatically, quickly and evenly where this system takes into account the temperature through the direction of sunlight on the Honda Accord via satellite. .

For passenger comfort, the rear cabin is also equipped with a side sunshade and rear windows power shunsade that can hit the hot sun in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Drivers and passengers on the Honda Accord can also be spoiled for long journeys made with quality audio entertainment on offer.

In addition to the system known as Honda Sensing, each Accord carries LED headlights and taillights.

Gasoline and hybrid models provide only low beam headlights, but other models have a variety of light functions, including automatic spotlighting.

Safety and comfort system

Known as one of the best Honda cars on the market, the Accord has an excellent level of safety.

Which combines a number of technologies (full-speed adaptive cruise control, lane centering, automatic emergency braking and traffic sign recognition).

Into a single unified package that is standard on every Accord.

The system integration went very well, with the Accord responding well to all the usual freeway disturbances, be it slow traffic or poorly marked lanes.

Amazingly, all of these systems run without having to yell at the driver. Indeed, a warning appears when the car thinks the driver has veered off the track.

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New Honda Accord

However, Honda’s engineers did not make the system very sensitive, so it was still within comfortable limits.

In terms of safety, Honda limited the automatic rear emergency braking and heads-up display in the top version, the Touring.

Apart from that, and the lack of hands-free functionality, the Acoord security suite is one of its main features.

Honda retains the 8.0-inch screen that offers touchscreen functionality, oversized physical buttons, and two knobs large enough for volume and adjustment.

While Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available with a cable for connectivity. Connectivity with this cable is installed in the 1.5 Sport version.

However, if you buy the 2.0 liter type, you will get standard high-end wireless connectivity like the EX-L and Touring versions.

Unless you order the Touring type, CarPlay/Android Auto is your only navigation tool.

Wireless CarPlay will work fine and connect quickly to your smartphone every time you turn it on.

even if it doesn’t use third-party apps, Honda’s standard infotainment system is also available and works well, with crisp responsiveness, crisp graphics, and a great layout.

The Honda Accord also uses indicator settings quite neatly.

Apart from the big stuff, the tech aspect of the Accord is arguably in the average range.

The standard 180-watt eight-speaker audio system is a great way to enjoy the SiriusXM satellite radio included in this car.
Meanwhile, wireless charging and four USB ports will keep your gadget safe.

Aspects of the three-box design and the vague shape of the liftback.

As well as the chrome strips that connect the headlights at the front still look futuristic.

The leather-wrapped steering wheel features a pair of paddle shifters for a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Sport pedals give a little touch to improve driving performance.

Price range

The 2022 Honda Accord is expected to be sold at a price of around IDR 365.7 million. The trim for 2022 compared to last year.

The Honda Accord Sport SE model adds luxurious interiors such as warm leather seats, automatic mirrors, and proximity locks.

Meanwhile, the Sport 2.0 T version adds heated front seats and a melee entrance, but retains the fabric/leather upholstery.

This model also adds blind-spot monitoring and a wireless charging pad that you can’t get on the 1.5-liter Sport trim.

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