The Most Advanced Car Wheels Have an Automatic Cooling System

The Most Advanced Car Wheels Have an Automatic Cooling System – Talking about wheel technology, surely most of them only dwell on light weights made of the best materials. It’s not wrong and it’s normal for us to talk about it. However, for wheels that have the strength to provide comfort when driving, it’s also important, right? Well, this time there is one wheel that has the latest technology that has its own cooling system. I try to quote from the news on Newatlas, this latest technology wheel has the name the Active Aero Wheel. A wheel with advanced technology made by a German manufacturer, CompActive. Let’s review in full.

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The Most Advanced Car Wheels Have an Automatic Cooling System

The Most Advanced Car Wheels
The Most Advanced Car Wheels in the World. Image source: Pool (newatlas)

In fact, the wheels often have a hot temperature especially during the braking process. This time there is an experimental wheel, with a cooling vent that opens as needed. And can work when the wheel has a very hot temperature.

In a statement, the company designed these wheels to minimize the vortex that interferes with airflow that forms at high speeds around the wheels. Under these conditions, the system still lets heat out when braking out.

These wheel vents are leaf-shaped cut into the metal surface of the rim. With such a shape, the display remains flat. At the rear of the vent is a lightweight actuator. The actuators incorporate several form-memory alloy wires which they design in a longitudinal, side-by-side arrangement.

As long as the wheels stay cool, the wires stay in their default state. However, when the wheels are hot they contract and will open. After the wheels have cooled down again, the vents close again.

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However, it is quite regrettable that it is not clear what the selling price of these wheels will be, and when they will be officially sold to the market. However, the discovery of a method to reduce heat from an alloy wheel is an extraordinary thing.

So far, manufacturers have only relied on materials and designs to make the wheels look very good. Therefore, it is very important this invention in the automotive world today.