The First Indonesian Man To Work at Tesla Germany

The First Indonesian Man To Work at Tesla Germany – Kevin Nizam Nabila is the first Indonesian to work at Tesla’s Gigafactory factory in Berlin, Germany. It was not easy for Kevin to pass the selection. However, Tesla finally accepted him as an employee of Elon Musk’s factory. Kevin is an Indonesian child who was born on April 7, 1997. He admitted that he had gone through a long selection process until he finally became a part of the Tesla Gigafactory.

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The First Indonesian Man To Work at Tesla Germany

Kevin completed his undergraduate studies in June 2021. He specializes in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Vertiefung im Elektrotechnik or in English Electrical Engineering and Management at the University of Applied Science Brandenburg, Germany.

The First Indonesian Man To Work at Tesla
Tesla Gigafactory German.

Then, Kevin continued his master’s studies at the same campus with a specialization in Energy Efficiency Engineering. Kevin then applied for a job at the Tesla Factory in Germany in 2021. At that time the factory still did not get permission from the German government. Tesla just got a permit and was inaugurated in March 2022. Kevin then became the first Indonesian to work at the Tesla Factory in Germany and started working on May 16, 2022 ago.

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“After graduating from S1 in June 2021, I tried to apply to become a Tesla employee in August 2021 by sending a CV and essay and telling me how far my experience has been related to the position. Then I got an early September interview appointment for the first interview by phone. Luckily, I was then selected to take part in the second interview that Tesla conducted in September,” Kevin said in his official statement.

Kevin then proceeded to the next interview test smoothly. However, he could not enter immediately, but had to wait for the work contract to be completed.

“The second interview we did offline was also a test about the basics of electronics and car production. I was able to pass it well because I had internship experience before entering college at Mercedes Benz in the city of Rastaat, Germany. Eh, I was informed that I passed but I’m still waiting for a work contract that I didn’t come for a long time until before fasting in early April 2022. Thank God the contract came. Thank God I started working on May 16, 2022,” explained Kevin.

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Kevin’s own position at Tesla is as a Junior Production engineer who has responsibility for manufacturing and operating production robots and maintaining the production quality of the Tesla Model Y Car.

“Proud to be a Tesla employee, especially since Kevin is the first Indonesian here. Another thing that makes us proud is that this Tesla company supports environmental friendliness and we are proud that we can participate in maintaining the greenness of the earth,” said Kevin.