How to Modify Honda Jazz Car Seats?

Modification of the Honda Jazz Car Seat continues to follow the times. Modifications to the seats definitely add interesting new things to observe for the development of the world of four-wheeled car variations.

How to Modify Honda Jazz Car Seats?

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How to Modify Honda Jazz Car Seats?

Car seat modifications in Indonesia, which are mostly done by teenagers in this country.

Seem to be endless for lovers of these car modifications.

Car design always wants you to modify it according to their respective wishes and styles.

Modification is currently the top in the automotive world because it is a place to get satisfaction and comfort while driving,

Starting from the body shape, entertainment features as well as for the interior as well as making photo variations.

Before making a car modification first start looking for references to the Honda Jazz.

Car Seat Modification requires another car design example.

Not many people know, this is the origin and meaning of the name Recaro and the history of the birth of the legendary car seat.

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The History of Recaro Seats

The Recaro seat is of course known to automotive enthusiasts, especially those who like car modifications.

Because the seat for some streams of car modification is a must-have item.

Recaro stands for Reutter Carosserie. If freely translated “Reutter Body Body Company.

Wilhelm Reutter when he first founded the company in 1906 focused on making custom car bodies and car bodies for several German manufacturers.

Initially the company was called Stuttgarter Carosserie und Radfabrik and then changed to Stuttgarter Karosseriewerke Reutter & Co in 1909.

Wilhem Reutter then successfully transformed his company from serving the production of individual (custom) cars to being a mass car body factory in 1919.

The Reutter company became the body manufacturer of Porsche and Volkswagen thanks to its good relationship with Ferdinand Porsche.

Reutter built a prototype Porsche body in 1932.

The prototype Volkswagen (1935), and produced the first 40 units of the VW Beetle in 1938.

Reutter factory teamed up with Porsche cars. Including the Porsche 901/911 prototype.

Until finally Porsche took over the Reutter car body factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen in 1963.

No longer making a car body does not mean death, this is actually the beginning of a successful business.

The Recaro seats

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Upholstery Type Recaro

Recaro car seats are the most sought after if people want to modify the car cabin to make it look more luxurious and sporty.

Recaro is an automotive aftermarket brand that is quite familiar among car enthusiasts in Indonesia.

Products from Recaro are the choice when making car modifications.

Because Recaro provides quite a lot of variants of spare parts and accessories for cars.

Including wheels, steering wheel, shift knob, pedal set, and seats.

This is because Recaro offers a very diverse car seat model.

Starting from Recaro semi-bucket car seats, to full-bucket Recaro racing car seats.

Many stores that provide car modification accessories.

Both those in new condition and not infrequently those looking for used Recaro car seats.

Because when using original Recaro car seats. Recaro car seats are quality and very comfortable.

Recaro seats can be ordered specifically for the material and color of the seats.

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