BMW Will Rely on Solar Energy and Hydrogen for the Earth

BMW Will Rely on Solar Energy and Hydrogen for the Earth – BMW is exploring new investments in solar, geothermal, and hydrogen energy. They do this in order to reduce dependence on natural gas and support reforestation on the earth. We quoted this news from Reuters. The news stated that BMW has researched a number of steps to support the program to reduce the use of natural gas. One way is to add solar panels to several factories and develop plans with local authorities. All that to bring hydrogen to the BMW factory in Leipzig, Germany.

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BMW Will Rely on Solar Energy and Hydrogen for the Earth

“Hydrogen is perfect for lowering or even completely offsetting gas demand,” said Milan Nedeljkovic. He is a member of the Board of Management of BMW AG.

BMW Will Rely on Solar Energy and Hydrogen
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One of the other reasons why BMW has started to reduce the use of natural gas, apart from supporting reforestation on earth, is to anticipate dependence on natural gas. Because natural gas for BMW depends on various countries and one of them is Russia.

“Our industry has accounted for 37 percent of natural gas consumption in Germany. And if there is a cessation of gas shipments from Russia, not only BMW but the whole sector will stop,” he said.

In addition, BMW already has a broader plan and steps in place if at any time Russia begins to provide a limited natural gas allotment or in the event of a sudden stop in gas supply deliveries.

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Nedeljkovic further said that outside Germany, BMW’s new factory in Debrecen, Hungary, will be the first car factory in the world to operate completely without fossil fuels and will rely heavily on solar power. In addition, he revealed that the German manufacturer is also considering using geothermal energy.

Nedeljkovic claims geothermal power is more stable than weather-dependent renewables but has not seen comparable growth or investment. This is due to the high upfront costs and complicated licensing process to drill into the earth’s core.

When someone asked about the potential to use nuclear energy, Nedeljkovic said that nuclear energy can also be a factor that stabilizes energy, especially in turbulent times like now.

“For our own production, we rely on regenerative energy sources,” said Nedeljkovic.