Benefits of Avanza Car Regular Service

Regular service on Avanza cars has many benefits. The benefit is that the condition of the vehicle’s engine will always be in maximum performance. Along with the use of vehicles for daily purposes, of course some components will experience changes. For example, such as the air filter becomes dirty, the spark plugs become worn, or the brake linings are getting thinner.

Benefits of Avanza Car Regular Service

Benefits of Avanza Car Regular Service

During periodic maintenance, these components are cleaned or re-adjusted. If there is a car part that cannot function, it will be replaced.

That way, the condition of the car engine will always be in maximum condition.

Another benefit is that it can reduce the burden of larger expenses. If the problem with the vehicle can be detected early before more severe and more damage occurs.

This is quite important because the car has a lot of various interrelated systems. By knowing the condition in advance, you can manage expenses to replace the damaged component.

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Service steps on Avanza Cars Regular Service

Engine oil change

Changing the Avanza engine oil is very important during regular servicing. avanza 3 liter oil capacity if using a filter and if not using a 2.7 liter oil filter.

Engine oil change

however, on the Xenia all new, the oil specs use the API service coded SM 10W-40. Change engine oil and oil filter every 6 months from first service.

Changing the engine oil begins by unscrewing the oil cover bolt with a ring wrench or a socket wrench. turn the bolt counterclockwise.

If you don’t know the oil sump, you wait a while and you can feel that if it’s hot, it’s the oil tank. If it doesn’t feel hot, it could be the transmission tank.

Engine coolant check

Open the radiator cap above the radiator and drain a little water by opening the drain bolt at the bottom. Discard about 300ml of radiator water.

Tighten the drain bolt and pour the radiator flush through the inlet at the top. Install the radiator cap and start the engine for about 10 minutes, this is to keep the radiator coolant channel clean.

If the radiator cap is given a certain pressure then it must be opened immediately. See how much pressure is written on the radiator cap, for example, 0.9 Bar.

Then the pressure of 0.9 bar is the pressure valve on the radiator cap must open, the characteristic of opening is that the pressure will drop by itself at a pressure of 0.9.

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Ignition System Check Regular Service

Spark plug check

Usually the spark plugs are not only cleaned but can also be replaced with new ones depending on the state of the spark plugs are still good or not.

But usually the replacement of spark plugs is often done at 20,000 km.

So if the spark plug is still in good condition, clean the spark plug using sandpaper or a wire brush. Adjust the spark plug gap using a feeler gauge for accuracy. If the factory spark plug electrode is thin, it means it must be replaced.

Spark plug electrode, Factory recommendation is 0.8-0.9 mm.

New spark plugs can be installed directly, don’t let them fall, for example falling, you must ensure the distance between the electrode gaps

Battery check

By looking into the vent, it is possible to compare the electrolyte level of each cell. Each cell should have the same amount of fluid.

Battery check

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Check the air purifier filter, Remove the air filter from its place, Then spray with low-pressure air to clean dirt, Check the condition of the air filter.

Try to clean the air filter holder from dirt and dust, close the air filter in its container

Clutch pedal check

Check that the pedal height is correct, Pedal height from floor 143.7 – 153.7 mm (5.66 – 6.05 in).

Check that the pedal clearance is correct, Press the pedal slowly, until the start of resistance is felt. 15 – 25 mm (0.59 0.98 in) pedal free play.

Brake pedal check, Brake pedal height from floor 150.9 mm (15.090 cm).

Inspection of brake pads and drums

Minimum thickness 1.0 mm (0.039 in) Maximum 6.0 mm (0.236) Drum diameter, Maximum diameter 230.6 mm (9.079 in) Standard diameter 228.6 mm (9,000 in).

Drum brakes, when the brake drum is scratched the brake drum is turned to the maximum diameter limit.

My results for the thickness of the canvas and drum are still good standards

Brake fluid check Check

That the brake fluid level and the master cylinder are between the MAX and MIN lines.

If the brake fluid level is below or near the MIN line, check the hydraulic system for leaks and add brake fluid up to the MAX line.

Use brake fluid that has been stored for a long time because brake fluid is a material that is easily affected by the weather. Don’t forget to close and seal the brake fluid cap.

Try not to get dirt on the master cylinder reservoir. Clean any brake fluid that gets on the painted area because brake fluid will damage the paint.

Coolant check

Radiator water inspection includes checking the capacity and water quality, checking for rust deposits or dirt around the radiator cap or radiator filling holes.

Radiator water should not contain plumas oil and radiator capacity, usually the technician will also ask the owner’s complaints.

Indeed, for a distance of 10 thousand kilometers there have been no significant complaints, the most felt complaints are related to the sound of feet, especially when driving on bumpy roads.

The second type of service is also still in the free service series where usually engine oil is also labeled for free.

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Check Spark Plug

Remove the air filter box above the engine and there are 3 bolts holding the box then remove the bolt attached to the spark plug plug and remove the socket attached to the spark plug cable, then open the spark plug with a spark plug wrench.

Check spark plugs, there are four spark plugs that look narrow because the spark plug heads are not able to burn all the incoming fuel and it is better to replace all the spark plugs.

Check tire and pump

The tire pressure on the car. Adjust the pressure according to the recommendations of the car manufacturer.

In general, the size of the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer is listed in the manual or on the car door.

Check tire and pump

Check the thickness of the vehicle tires Normally the minimum tire thickness is 1.6 mm. How to make sure, use a coin and insert it into the tire line. If the coin is in, the tire tread depth is still good.

Check the tires as a whole including the presence or absence of lumps.

Whether there are tire wires coming out, and so on until it is certain that the tires are still fit for use.

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Inspection Avanza Car Regular Service

Steps to check the lights

What if the light bulb is in good condition, but when it is used it doesn’t light up, there is a possibility that the fuse connected to the lamp may be damaged.

Horn check step

Press the horn button, pay close attention to the sound caused by an abnormal sound, indicating that there is damage to the horn

Wipers and glass washers

provide regular lubrication at each of the wiper joints, this is to keep the car wiper easy to use
cleaning the car wiper.

It would be better to be careful, especially on the rubber replace the wiper rubber if the wiper rubber is damaged or hard.

This is to keep the glass smooth. Regular service on Avanza cars has many benefits.

Planned maintenance or periodic maintenance or service is carried out on the basis of how far or how long the vehicle has been running (in km or months).

Although in this activity actually sometimes there is a little repair activity.

Meanwhile, unplanned maintenance is called repair or repair.

That is, if at any time there is damage outside the regular maintenance schedule.

In society, periodic maintenance of vehicle engines in intervals of about 10,000 km (major service) is called vehicle engine Tune-Up.

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